GAB Eurosport Maintenance

With a qualified and experienced team, you can trust at GAB Eurosport  when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

Here is a list of services we offer;

- Maintenance and Repair services below:
- Oil changes & lubrication

- Timing belt Service

- Engine Seals, lubrication components, fluid flow components(power steering pumps, oil pumps)

- Fuel System (Fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel injectors)
- Emission System (engine vacuum and charge pressure system)

- Transmission Rebuilding Service
- Clutches, flywheels, resurfacing of flywheels

- Drive Train System (wheel bearings, control arms, CV joints, axles/prop shafts)

- Belts & Hoses

- Cooling Systems (water pump, thermostat)

- Braking Systems (pads, rotors, calipers)

- Charging System

- Ignition system (spark plugs, coilpacks)
- Suspension System

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